Hi Folks, Radio Classifieds was developed to help Australian Ham Radio Operators and CB Operators to buy and sell their unwanted radio equipment online. My name is Dean ( VK5DJM ) and I am the owner/webmaster of this site and if you have any tips on how to make this site better then let me know. If you want to advertise your business on here then feel free to contact me.

My interest in Electronics began in the 70's, I loved audio and loud music but my real passion was ignited when i got my first CB Radio. The radio was an old 23 channel Kraco with a PURA power mic and it was in the late 70's when the skip was running wild. At the time my folks owned a shack over at Balgowan on the York Peninsula and we would take the rig over there whenever we could.

We built a rugged old 4 element quad and we would work skip like they were in the room with you. The USA would boom through most of the day untill late afternoon and then the New Caladonia stations would take over. In 1979 I got my novice licence and a year late my full call. My background was in electronics, I worked at several companies manufacturing and also doing prototype wiring of military gear.

I grew up in the Enfield area and like most other radio fanatics I had a plethora of rigs, beams, amplifiers etc. I worked 2 meter SSB into many states on 144.100 using a wide spaced 13 element yagi and also worked the USA regularly on 28Mhz on a wide spaced 5 element yagi. As with most people things changed, I got heavily into motocross and fast cars so the radio gear was sold off to finance these hobbies.

I got married at 26 and have been in and out of radio ever since, buying gear and then getting rid of it as most have also done. Now days I'm back into it but not in a big way. I mainly listen and talk on the rare occasion. My career now is an online business and I love webdesign and the ability that the web gives a person to reach such a wide audience. Other than that I think the web sucks, it consumes too much of our time and it's such a huge time waster.

Anyway that's basically my story, not real exciting. I have 3 grown up boys and enjoy dining out, fishing radio, web design and maintaing my sanity in such a crazy world. Hopefully this site will get some use but if not it's been fun building it which makes it worth while.

By the way if you got a great story or anything radio related that you'd like to share then send it in and I can whack it on here. If it's a funny story the all the better, who doesnt need a good laugh these days?

Take care my friends - Dean

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