eHam - a very comprehensive website dedicated to Ham Radio. The site is used by Ham radio operators world wide and includes in depth articles, forums and excellent product reviews on almost every ham radio item ever sold. Very good website for ham radio information.

American Radio Relay League - Also known as the ARRL this organisation is the national association for Amateur Radio in the USA. The organisation began way back in 1914 and has been a leading voice for ham radio operators. The ARRL site also has daily news relating to Ham radio from all over the world. There is also an online shop where you can purchase Ham related books such as Antenna and Electronics books.

How to build a 4 Element Quad for 27Mhz - The Ultimate guide to building a 4 element quad antenna for the CB Radio band. This site also has a great calculator for working out the exact dimensions of each quad element. The quad antenna is definitely the best antenna available for working DX. One great advantage is that a quad has a very low angle of radiation even at low elevations.

Ham Universe - Another great website loaded with Radio reviews, antenna designs and FCC information. Also contains the very latest Ham Radio news from around the globe. Although this is another American based website it is still a great source of information for any keen Amateur Radio operator worldwide.

Nostalgic CB Michrophones - This site is full of info on some of the legendary michrophones from the past. Checkout the comprehensive overviews of the Leson TW232, Turner Expander 500, Ham International 4200 and many other CB mics from the 80's which youv'e propably never heard of.

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